Claudia Gary

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  • * Humor Me was nominated for a 2007 Library of Virginia Literary Award. To see Jan Schreiber's detailed review of Humor Me in Expansive Poetry Online, click here.
    Claudia Gary (formerly Claudia Gary-Annis) is a poet, composer, editor, and freelance writer who lives in the Washington, D.C. area. Her first full-length collection, "Humor Me," was published in 2006 by David Robert Books (see link below). Her first chapbook, "Ripples in the Fabric," was published by Somers Rocks Press (Brooklyn, N.Y.) in 1996, and a second chapbook, "Schadenfreud(e) and Other Occupational Hazards," was published in 2004 by Musings Press. Her poems have appeared in Sparrow, The Formalist, The Lyric, Orbis (U.K.), Pivot, Edge City Review, Loudoun Art Magazine (Loudoun County, Va.), Light Quarterly, and numerous other journals and anthologies.

    Her musical works, which have been performed in a number of U.S. cities (see below), include chamber music and art songs based on poems by contemporaries such as Frederick Turner, Dana Gioia, Phillis Levin, Frederick Feirstein, and Marilyn Marsh; as well as settings of classics by Shakespeare, Marvell, Heine, et al. One of Claudia's art songs--a setting for soprano, violin, and cello of Shakespeare's sonnet XVIII ("Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?")-- appeared in issue 60 of Sparrow, the Yearbook of the Sonnet.

    Along with concerts of her chamber music and art songs, Claudia Gary has given readings of her poems in locations including Boston, Newburyport, Providence, New York, Washington, D.C., and a number of cities in Virginia.

    After about nine years as Senior Editor of Vietnam Magazine (until January 2009), Claudia Gary is now a freelance writer and editor. She is also a former poetry editor of Edge City Review, founding editor/publisher of Musings from Northern Virginia, and former northern regional vice president of the Poetry Society of Virginia. In the late 1990s she organized the Leesburg Poetry Exchange, a discussion/workshop led by widely esteemed poet, critic, and performer Richard Moore. In July 2007, Claudia relaunched the Leesburg Poetry Series, which she had originally founded in 1992.

    See below for links to an assortment of Claudia Gary's poems (all previously published under the name Claudia Gary-Annis, which is therefore used below). Also included are links to several of her recommended Web sites. For more information, contact Claudia at the e-mail address below. SITE LAST UPDATED 9/7/09.